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Total Flow

Total Flow

Decades ago, the Oil and Gas Industry experienced a lot of hard times. The industry became a subject of criticism because it failed to stay abreast with the modern times and couldn’t meet society’s demand. It led to the industry’s investment in advanced Oil and Gas solutions. One of the significant modern solutions of the industry is the “oil well monitoring system.” 

Today’s world requires swift, extremely accurate, and auditable data, and workers are expected to collate more information, input data into the system more quickly, increase reporting, fill out forms, and take on more wells in an increasingly demanding environment. The process doesn’t stop! For efficiency, automation of the whole process from data capture to volume delivery reports must be automated without physical contact with the well. 

This brought about the development of software by today’s measurement companies to ease the monitoring process and maximize production. The Total Flow software and Netflow software are some of the leading software solutions developed for this present time developed by giant measurement companies. Both have high efficiency and capability, but one stands out! Stay tuned as we unravel the superiority of our Netflow software to Total Flow software.

Total Flow Software

Total Flow is one of ABB Measurement and Analytical Business’ product that monitors wellhead to maximize production while ensuring the proper and secured operation of the pad. And this materializes via the collation and processing of quality input data from different ABB Primary Meters, Instrumentation and Tank Level System over hard-wired or wireless paths. The data processing and control is handled through a user-designed and pre-programmed application contained in ABB’s industry-leading RTUs. The results are then inputted and transferred through a traditional and IP meshed networks back to either an ABB host system or a third-party system.    

Netflow Software

Netflow is the evolution of SCADA onto the cloud, available for all builders anywhere and anytime, and it remains the big difference between the two leading software. Netflow enables the monitoring of all sections of the field via clouds such as gas wells, oil wells, compressors, tanks, plunger lift controllers and other components on laptops, desktops, tablets or phones, reducing windshield time and only visiting location when required. Data provided can be used in determining problem sources and prioritize them for attention. Add communication equipment to your assets and Netflow will provide fully secured control capability. Dangerous situations can be spotted at the sound of alarms rather than driving to each well.

With Netflow, your asset can be viewed in a conventional hierarchy or constructed into a schematic with real-time data displaying activity from any web interface. With Netflow customized for all screens, configuring the location of your choice is made easy.

Our industry-leading SCADA functionality is enhanced with industry-leading automation technologies. Through the cloud, audit and monthly volume statements are collected, validated and delivered to clients using our ProStream volumetric solution. Also, composition data from lab analysis on samples can be verified and transferred into your media through the cloud using our ProTrend composition management solutions.  

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