Pipeline Risk

Pipeline Risk

Pipeline Risk

Gas Analytical works with clients and partners to minimize risks associated with transporting hazardous materials through pipelines. We aim to mitigate pipeline risk by extending the life of dated pipeline infrastructure and ensuring their integrity through regular maintenance. Our services translate to lower insurance liability and compliance with regulations.

Pipeline Risk Management Solutions

Gas Analytical provides pipeline integrity management solutions that meet the operational requirements of all kinds of pipeline networks. Our solutions combine 3D visualization with Geolocation systems to create an integrated, real-time view of pipeline networks. In addition, our integrated approach to pipeline risk management enables us to provide root-cause analysis.

We strive to empower your workforce by providing an augmented system for real-time sharing of information between the control room and mobile personnel. Our pipeline risk assessment and management services can help you minimize the lag between problem detection and resolution. In addition, we employ an innovative record management system that captures, consolidates, retrieves, and archives information across diverse networks.

Pipeline Risk Assessment

Gas Analytical is a pioneer in pipeline risk assessment and management. We have been providing pipeline risk assessment and management for many years. Our work includes completing risk assessments on thousands of miles of gas transmission and pipelines all over the world.

We have performed relative and absolute risk analyses for many pipeline projects. Our work touches on every aspect of risk modeling, including:

  • Risk algorithm design
  • Data collection for risk assessment
  • Data processing for risk assessment
  • Ranking risks for different segments
  • Identifying risk mitigation measures
  • Creating integrity assessment schedules

Pipeline Risks

Players in the pipeline industry have embraced our risk management services to enhance public safety by limiting risks in various aspects of pipeline design, operations, and maintenance. Gas Analytical is an industry leader in the development of practical risk management techniques.

We have successfully developed risk management programs for many pipeline companies both in the U.S. and internationally. Our programs have passed the strict requirements of the U.S. Office of Pipeline Safety and international government agencies.

Integrity Management Solutions

Gas Analytical has developed risk management plans to address the compliance concerns of the U.S. Office of Pipeline Safety. The plans address various regulatory initiatives, including:

  • Risk model validation
  • Risk mitigation
  • Integrity assessment
  • Impact modeling
  • Consequence analysis
  • Threat classification
  • Pressure testing
  • In-line inspection

Our staff consists of experienced engineers and technicians with many years of experience in quality control and pipeline integrity management.

How dangerous are Oil Pipelines

Gas Analytical has broad expertise in segment identification, including high consequence areas.  Our company has completed detailed analyses of the effects of hazardous materials on public health and safety, the environment, and pipeline operations. We have the experience, resources, and skills required to provide information on high consequence areas and attributes as well as pipe segment centerlines.

Gas Analytical has developed wide-ranging manual sets, including compliance, emergency procedures, and pipeline risk and maintenance. We have many years of experience in different aspects of pipeline engineering. Please stop by our facilities for additional details about our pipeline, design, testing, and construction procedures.


Pipeline Risk
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