Orifice Plate

Orifice Plate

Orifice Plate

The primary function of the Gas Analytical orifice plate in instrumentation is to measure the flow rates of gases or liquids and to restrict the flow rate when necessary. Gas Analytical has gained a reputation for installing quality orifice plates. The company has been in the industry for many years and understands how this device works in different setups.

How Gas Analytical Orifice Plates Work

Gas analytical installs orifice plates at the joints in pipes as liquid measurement and restriction devices. The company’s orifice plates feature thin metallic plates with holes in between them. These devices work on Bernoulli's Principle.

According to the principle, there is a direct link between fluid pressure and velocity. When a liquid is passed through one of Gas Analytical orifice plates, the device limits or restricts the flow of the liquid. Therefore, the liquid builds up in the pipe and is forced to pass through the opening in the plate.

An increase in pressure at the orifice plate's upstream causes velocity and pressure to increase and decrease respectively at the downstream. When this happens, the liquid pressure near the orifice plate reaches its maximum convergence point while velocity reaches the most minimum level. Further away from the downstream of the orifice plate, the velocity and pressure of the liquid flow decreases and increases, respectively. This allows technicians to measure the pressure difference in the various sections of the orifice plate using Bernoulli's equation.

Types of Orifice Plates

Gas analytical has many kinds of orifice plates, including:

  • Eccentric bore
  • Square edge bore
  • Quadrant edge bore
  • Segmental bore

An orifice plate is a form of a differential pressure flow meter. It measures the rate of pressure drop when an obstacle is inserted in the pathway of a flowing liquid. The main application of the Gas Analytical orifice plate is in the flow measurement of natural gas.

Although many people use Gas Analytical orifice plates to measure volumetric flow, they can also be used to determine mass flow.  


Gas Analytical orifice plates have wide-ranging applications and benefits. In addition, they are simple and affordable devices. Gas Analytical orifice meters have fixed, immovable parts, which make them durable and mechanically stable. In addition, they do not have pressure, size, and temperature limitations. Good thing that Gas Analytical is available 24/7 for quality orifice plate installation.


Gas Analytical orifice plates work by measuring the differential pressure of flow liquids. These devices are useful in calculating differential pressure, and they work with steam, liquid, and gas applications. In addition, Gas Analytical orifice plates are not sensitive to the conductivity of fluids. Properly installed orifice plates can provide accurate measurements thanks to a honed meter run that compensates for temperature and pressure changes.

Unlike vortex meters, Gas Analytical orifice plates do not come with a low flow cutoff. Therefore, one orifice plate can measure differential pressure of a wide range of flow rates. An orifice plate can measure low flow rates that a vortex meter cannot measure.

Gas Analytical is one of the leading suppliers and installers of orifice plates in the U.S. Please speak to one of our representatives today to learn more about our orifice meter solutions.

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