Fluid Analysis

Fluid Analysis

Fluid Analysis

Requests for testing different analytes in fluids are becoming a daily necessity in laboratories. Regarding clinical laboratories, fluid test analyses digress from the evaluated manufacturers' specifications, as several laboratory measurements are usually amended after testing urine or blood specimens. These requests have become a burden to clinical laboratories, which needs to ensure proper validation of the test performance features after the analysis of body fluids by extracting matrix interferences while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Hence, the more complicated your gathering system, the higher the complexity in planning to ensure your production reporting accuracy. Collating the wrong data is an ordeal that requires rework. With ProTrend, you can make sure everything is scheduled, automate communication, validate data, and have enough time to deal with other exceptions. Maximize your working hours by using ProTrend!

What is ProTrend?

ProTrend is used as an online tool that simplifies the entire fluid analysis process and calibration data management. It improves the accuracy and integrity of calculations used in measurement and product allocation systems. It's done by ensuring that only validated and accurate sample or correction data is supplied to users' oil and gas production data. The same process applies to other laboratories that perform lab tests online.

The functionality offered by lab viewer software can't be compared to what ProTrend offers. ProTrend enables its users to save all analyses into one database regardless of the lab that performs the analysis.

ProTrend's accuracy is highly unmatched, cost-effective, and produces an independent solution. It doesn't matter which labs you use or who does your meter calibration. This software gives doesn't harbour errors in revenue allocation by allowing its users to terminate invalid or expired fluid analyses.


How ProTrend Works?

Let's start by defining "what is fluid analysis?" In oil and gas, fluid analysis is an analytical method performed to determine the composition of crude oil by breaking it down into more straightforward chemical elements. The hydrocarbon components of crude oil are mostly identified by their carbon number fractions; C1, C2, C3,.. up to Cn, where the indefinite number 'n' is determined by a particular analytical method.  

ProTrend works by taking electronic data files from almost any source and sends it through a rigorous validation process that employs client-controlled criteria. The accepted data is impartially validated, and those analyses or calibrations that comply with the predetermined standards are made available for immediate use with no human intervention. Hence, data that doesn't meet the specified criteria are flagged and held for review by a qualified user.

ProTrend allows its users to track, schedule effectively and entirely run the entire fluid analysis process from a single repository, irrespective of the lab that performed carried out the analysis. Also, it allows clients to efficiently manage the transfer of measurement data to information and revenue systems, which are solely dependent on the fluid quality to perform accurate calculations. With ProTrend, the manual entry of critical data and associated keying errors gets eliminated.

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Fluid Analysis
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