Caliper To Pc Interface

Caliper To Pc Interface

Chart Integration

ProChart supports a proprietary software technology to scan charts at the highest resolution to generate prorated volume, estimated volume, and other diverse reports which are all accessible through our cloud-based platform. Our ProChart store detail to empower you and your decision-making with several months of chart storage. Chart integration services include prorated volumes, estimates, and reports describing downtime and any measuring problems.

Gas chart integration digitally processes raw data from charts that are crucial for the gas and petroleum industry. The digitization of charts properly keeps records of every gas chart via secured back-up procedures even after losing the original paper charts.

Our Experience

Experience matter a lot in the accurate integration of natural gas charts. We have over thirty years of combined experience in censoring and integrating natural gas chart. We always ensure to provide the best possible gas chart integration solution to our clients, based on the expertise of our team, accompanied by the use of the latest technological progress in gas chart image processing.

How ProChart Works

Gas Analytical Services provides data processing and information services to midstream and upstream oil and gas industries in North America. We effectively manage our customers’ production measurement data on the ProChart software. Data management includes chart integration, quality check, and usage charts overview.

Our clients import charts daily into the digital interpretation software, images of scanned charts with statistical information. The software then creates an image overlay to determine volume. Our data analysts then validate and analyze the overlay provided by software by properly ensuring consistency and quality. All graphs are completed in similar patterns, with this providing accurate gas volume, which is then utilized by our clients to obtain figures for the production data of each gas. 

Why Choose ProChart?

Unbeaten Chart Integration

With ProChart, more than 140,000 charts are processed monthly for over 900 clients, including 80% of North America’s top gas industries. ProChart capability of extensive reporting is the most massive in the industry.

Swift and High Accuracy

Using this ultimate software with advanced Artificial Intelligence together with incomparable human intuition; ProChart provides fast transposition on chart data with unmatched accuracy. Chart management is intensified, making it easy for users to view and search chart images online instead of handling paper source documents. For a swift turnaround of 24-48 hours, charts can be remotely scanned and forwarded to the ProChart Vendor for processing and volume determination.

Customized Reporting

ProChart offers its users the opportunity to get their data in a way that best fits their business needs. With customized volume reports, electronic exports, and detailed analysis, ProChart allows gas industries to know all about their natural gas production.

Simple Pricing

Besides ProChart being the most comprehensive leading chart integration software available, it’s also straightforward and cost-effective to budget on per chart basis.


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Chart Integration
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